The Farm

It began as a traditional dairy and mixed grain farm. Through the years the farm grew under Dave and Dan’s dedication.  Carrying on their commitment to the land, Dave’s son Jeff Nonay and his wife Coralee have continued to operate and expand the farm into new directions utilizing cutting-edge and progressive advances.

Nonay Family

Lakeside Dairy continues to operate and diversify under the third generation of Nonays.   We strive to maintain the highest standard of sustainable farming practises possible by utilizing advanced technologies like robotic milking and improved calf feeding systems.  We implement crop rotation to maintain healthy balanced soil and add gypsum to our dairy and local chicken manure to use as compost to naturally build and fertilize the fields.  We take great pride in honouring the lands on which our food is grown.

Left: Coralee & Jeff Nonay


If you provide your animals with nutritious food and thorough animal husbandry, they give you superior quality milk and beef in turn. We pride ourselves on our agricultural traditions and heritage of the Nonay name. Our commitment to you and each other is to raise food we are proud to serve.

Farm Cycle

The Lakeside Dairy farm is an interconnected flow of nutrients and resources. Our quality compost builds healthy soil which in turn nurtures our crops and feeds our animals. This cycle is an ongoing, sustainable and integral part of our food production.

Feeding Community

Lakeside has a long tradition of supplying Albertans with prime dairy, cheese, beef, potatoes and grains. We remain grateful to local restaurants and retail outlets who depend on us to keep this tradition going. Our commitment, like that of other producers in Sturgeon County, is to continue to respect the land and the process of farming so that we can always provide the finest product possible.

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– Manfred Kalk, HomeRoom Diner